How to Protect Yourself from Physical Danger

(The presenter for this teen workshop was Lieutenant Daniel Francis, who has been working for 15 years in the Chattanooga Police Department. He is also an instructor for basic self-defense.) The very best way to protect your personal safety is to develop the following four strategies: (1) risk awareness, (2) risk reduction, (3) risk recognition, and (4) …

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How to Deal With Emotions That Can Lead to Self-Harm and Suicide

(This is a recap of an interactive teen workshop by Arianne Brigner, LPC-MHSP, who provides comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy to teens and adults in the Chattanooga area. A therapist for 17 years, she loves to help clients learn to tolerate uncomfortable emotions that can lead to self-harm, drinking, drugs, suicide, and other impulsive behaviors.) Learning to deal …

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Straight Talk about Sex Trafficking: Hot’s NOT Cool

(In this teen workshop, Love’s Arm advocacy team members Mimi Nikkel and Brandon Culpepper addressed the important topic of sex trafficking. In the process of explaining how to be safe online and protect yourself against predators, they discussed five different subjects: who you are, what you like, “no” is a good word, sex does not define you, and stupid smartphones.)

5 Ways to Improve Family Interactions

(This recap is from a parent workshop by Cara Morales, who works with teens, couples, and families in difficult seasons of life, such as divorce or bereavement. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, professional clinical counselor, and parenting coach who has worked extensively to help high school students overcome depression, anxiety, self-harm behaviors, …

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Time Management

(This workshop recap is from a recent teen workshop by Robin Turnipseed, a former high school teacher who is now a mother of two, a writer, and the owner of She shared several useful tips and tricks on managing time—and self—and how this can lead to a more successful life.)

Into the Depths

The moment we told that someone to place our home study on these children, we knew we would be delving into the depths of the sea with them, because giving up on them was not an option.