Attitude Matters

We are excited to share this recap of a recent Teen Workshop we hosted, led by the Shepherds of Men!

Attitude is one of the most important predictors of your success. Your perspective on life will determine how you cope with trials and triumphs. Your attitude awareness impacts how you think and feel, and how you feel will translate into your actions.

Ultimately, your attitude has an impact on everything you do – especially in a turbulent situation. Attitude can be either positive or negative, and both types can change the way you think, feel and act. If you want to be successful, it is imperative that you embrace a positive attitude as much as possible, no matter what you go through. A positive attitude is a state of mind that envisions and expects favorable results. It is an attitude that helps you see the good in people, and the good and the accomplishments in your life rather than the negative and the failures.

Josh shared he moved around a lot, but he found the silver lining despite the struggles constant moving created/caused. He chose to have a positive attitude and be strong through the storms he faced. It is hard to always be the new kid, to not have roots, to always leave friends behind.

Chris shared that his parents were divorced. His mom reinforced their faith by focusing on the positives. She choose to empower herself and her family with faith. Faith in God and trusting that despite storms that we encounter in life- we can endure all things with Christ at our side.

Cameron shared that he has always been small. He learned no matter your size or things you view as a detriment, you can accomplish great things. Detriments are only a negative if we allow them to be. We can strive to find the good in it and build yourself up around the positive.

Your perspective is how you look at things and how it effects you. It is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. It forms how we react, how we live, and shapes our future. Working to understand other people’s perspective can help us build better relationships, have empathy, and grow ourselves. Feelings of entitlement can cripple our personal growth. The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment hinders our ability to keep a positive attitude. Feelings of entitlement can bring frustration and bitterness when our desires are not met and we feel we should be given things instead of working hard and earning them.

We have the power of free will to make choices in life. We have to take ownership in our attitudes, or perceptions, our storms and mistakes. We have the opportunity to do things because they are right – not because they’re popular. Popularity doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing to do. Set, keep and follow morals and values because You are important!

Ask yourself this: are you a thermometer or a thermostat? A thermometer merely reflects the temperature of its surroundings while a thermostat affects those surroundings. A thermometer is a reactionary instrument. In a sense it assumes the temperature around it. Its outcomes are always dictated by settings and circumstances within its proximity. But a thermostat changes the temperature of it’s surroundings! Influence can be a huge player in our lives – those around us make impacts on us and can be like an elevator. They can bring us up or down if we let them.

And what about criticism? How do you handle criticism? Do you consider it a loss/hit? A positive criticism draws attention to a good or positive aspect of something that is being ignored, disregarded or overlooked. People may be able to see only the negative side of something, so that it becomes necessary to highlight the positive side. Allow others to highlight the positive sides in your life, especially if you are struggling to see it. But make sure it is coming from people you admire and respect. People that have your best interest at heart. Other peoples opinion don’t have to become your reality, when their opinions are negative or don’t align with your morals and values.

Suggested books:
“The bucket Filler” – Several kiddie books on the market with this title; all great messages
“Failing Forward” by John Maxwell
“Compound effect – by Darren Hardy

Top Tips from the Shepherds of Men:
Read – Read 5 pages everyday
Associate – Surround yourself with positive people. Those you surround yourself with are the sum of who you will become
Stay Active – Find an active hobby or interest like hiking, sports, running etc
Input –Put good in (uplifting podcasts, good music, webinars etc)
Focus on the Positive – Grow your positive attitude! Always stay true to your morals and values.
Etiquette – When you look good and act good – you FEEL good!

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