Fitness, Family, and Focus

Happy Friday, RISERS! I hope this week has been good to you. I just saw on Facebook that we have 16—only sixteen!—weeks until Christmas. While I have been known to listen to Christmas music continuously for months or to start watching The Polar Express in July, I don’t want to rush through the fall season. We need plenty of time to don extra warm clothes (especially our favorite hoodies) and to drink spiced apple cider (or pumpkin-spiced coffee) and to enjoy leaves that turn into such beautiful browns, oranges, yellows, and reds. I hope you will suck the marrow out of this fall season and really enjoy it.

Quote of the week: “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” –George Lucas

Movie of the week: This week, I want to recommend Wonder Woman 1984. Although I typically watch more Marvel movies than DC, I really enjoyed this superhero film. In it, the character Maxwell Lord uses the catchphrase “Life is good, but it can be better.” He dreams of a better life, thinking that he must become more than he is in order for his son to love him. In the story, a “wishing” crystal seems to grant the wishes of those who touch it. Diana wished Steve to be alive. Barbara wished to be like Diana, etc. Then Max Lord wanted everyone’s wishes to make him powerful enough to secure his son’s love. Only after the consequences of his wishing cause total chaos in the world, and his son was in danger, did Max renounce the wishes he’d made. Slowly, things went back to mostly normal, and Max realized that his son had truly loved him the entire time. He didn’t need to acquire a certain status for his son to want to be with him. This reminded me of the old adage: “People always say that money isn’t everything. But the people who say that are the ones with all the money.” Here’s my advice. While you are young, figure out what you want to do for a living that makes a difference, that fills you with a sense of pride, and that pays enough so you can support yourself. Then, you will be successful and won’t have to think, “Life is good, but it can be better.”

Joke of the week: When you look for something, why do you always find it in the last place you look? Because when you find it, you stop looking!

Nugget of Wisdom for the week: As you can tell, this week’s blog deals a lot with FOCUS. Having too much of it is not a good thing, nor is having too little. My husband always tells me that I can do anything I put my mind to—and he’s right, to a certain degree. When I want to write a novel in three weeks, I get it done. If I want to get a special job, I work extremely hard and reach that goal, too. So why is it that I can imagine myself exercising to be more healthy…but NEVER do it? If I were to put as much energy into walking my dogs as I do writing my next scene, I would be much farther ahead in my weight loss goals. As George Lucas mentioned in this week’s quote, focus determines your reality. If your focus is scattered, then your reality will show that. Find out what drives you, and be the best you possible.

Have a great week. Remember, you are most awesome and YOU ROCK!

Marion Rhines is a foster-turned-adoptive parent. She lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with her husband and five children. She has written and published two children’s books as well as two foster-care-themed novels. She has a Facebook blog, Tips from the FLIP Side, and enjoys working with children of all ages.

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