Rising to the Challenge

Our adoption story – Part 2: (Written December 11, 2020)

Amid the current global pandemic, I sit and ponder how one day – one moment in time – can change
your life forever, sometimes irreversibly, and many times in a colossal way.

Life since we choose to foster and adopt has been just like we expected….. Said no foster or adoptive
parent ever! However, we knew it would be tough at times (and boy, that it has been!) We knew that there
would be situations/behaviors that we wouldn’t know how to handle. We knew that certain things would be out of our control. But we also knew that with love, patience, determination, and persistence we could change these kids’ lives forever.

Living life in a way that glorifies God isn’t always easy. But it was never meant to be. Living life for
others – helping and caring for them – is rarely a smooth process. But no ever said it would be.
Living life knowing you’re doing the right thing, despite what people around you say or do, isn’t always
enjoyable. But all of these things are WORTH IT.

Since our adoption we have met countless other foster and adoptive families. Many of them struggle daily,
but they STILL DO IT. Why? Because God calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give drink
to the thirty. Not just literally, physically help those less fortunate…..but POUR into them. Offer them your
love, your kindness, your faith, and your hope. Make them part of your family and home and your life.

When asked what they want, if they could have anything, most teens
in custody say the same thing.

A home. A family.

As humans we are made for community. We long to be together in a tribe, a unit, a family. We long to have
people around us that love us and will fight for us. And there are thousands of
teens (in the United States alone) that are craving that at this very moment.

Life after adoption has been blessed beyond measure, all because we took a leap of faith and followed
Gods calling and His word. All because we decided to bring 3 strangers into our home to love them as our own.

They are our children. They are loved. They are cherished. They are valuable.

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