Adoption: Through a Sibling’s Eyes

Adoption is a really big change.

When you get new siblings you have to share your stuff with more people, have less space to yourself, and oftentimes it involves moving to an entirely new house. At first it’s weird and fun because you get to hang out with new people that have interesting skills, but after a while it gets old because you’ve already learned all about them. When you grow up with people that weren’t in your first 6 years of life, it can feel strange at first, but after a year you have grown used to it. This is your new normal. Honestly, I think if you’re considering adopting, it is best to know the gender. I was the only boy in my family for 6 years (besides my dad) and for the past 7 years I have had 2 amazing brothers which make things fun! 

The biggest change that occurred in my life since adopting would be the whole idea of having to share your stuff with more people. But you get over it eventually, I know I did! When I was in the hospital and my siblings came to see me, it was the highlight of the visit because they all came and hung out for a while instead of me just being stuck watching TV the whole time. Even though you won’t always like your siblings because they get on your nerves you will always love them. One time I was swimming and my brother who was 2, fell into the pool. I saved him from drowning, because even though he never stops talking I still have fun with him and want him around!

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