Computers 101

In this week’s Rise UP teen life skill meeting, Mr. Sam Martin explained everything a student needs to know about using Google on a computer. He showed all the different features of Google Suite and some fun study tools. Below is a quick breakdown to help you get started!

Google Suite Features:

Google Drive- Google Drive is the Microsoft One Drive and it is a way to keep your files easy to access from anywhere and stay organized. It is classified as a hard drive, there is disk drive and flash drive as well but those involve using e a physical device, so a hard drive is an amazing way to save and download files at your fingertips.
To use Google Drive, go to and sign into your google account, from there you press on the New button it should bring you to a drop-down selector. You can then pick or upload which file or app you would like. Everything you do on the apps saves straight to Google Drive.
Google Doc– Google Docs is like the Microsoft Word, it is a platform you can use for free to easily write essays, resumes, and letters.
Google Sheets– Google Sheets is just like Excel but easier to use. You can create spreadsheets with different formulas and variables.
Google Slides– Google Slides is similar to PowerPoint but with cooler transitions, easier to use, and free.

You can work on any Google product anywhere and collaborate with anyone by easily sharing it, just click on the Share button.
It will bring you to a box that will let you add people and/or copy the link to share.

The best thing about online work is that it is easy to stay organized and to have what you need when you need it. A cool button combination that will make life easier is Ctrl + Z, aka: the undo button. Ctrl + Z will undo whatever you just did! When you are first learning how to use Google it is okay to mess up. Remember to stay safe on the internet!

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