How to Find the Courage to Stand Alone

Happy Friday, RISERS! I hope this week has been good to you. Wow! Here we are, beginning the month of April. Next thing you know, school will be out for summer vacation. But we still have a bit of time to enjoy; there’s no sense wishing our lives away. Today may just be your best day!

Quote of the week: “It’s easy to stand in the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Song of the week: Also on the topic of courage, I want to recommend a song called Thunder by Imagine Dragons. I first came across this song when my 10-year-old sang and danced to it with Kidz Bop. The idea of not following along with the rest of the crowd intrigued me. We all have things we do because we want to fit in with our peers, but then there is a part of us that yearns to be different. We long to do that one thing to make us stand above the others. For me, I hope to keep writing until I come up with that one story idea that gets everyone excited and causes people to think differently. Don’t sell your ideas short. They may not always work, but if you don’t have that touch of a courageous streak, you will never know what you can do.

Joke of the week: What monster plays the most April Fool’s jokes? Prankenstein.

Nugget of Wisdom for the week: This week I wanted to share with you a lesson in trial and error and how to move on from it. For the last three months, we had a podcast of the week. In theory it was a great idea, and we had knowledgeable people assisting us. In real-life application, they didn’t exactly do what we intended. So, we will go back to the original format. BUT, if there are any themes you are interested in talking about, please leave a comment so we can do things that interest you. You are the reason we’re here.

Have a great week. Remember, you are most awesome and YOU ROCK!

Marion Rhines is a foster-turned-adoptive parent. She lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with her husband and five children. She has written and published two children’s books as well as two foster-care-themed novels. She has a Facebook blog, Tips from the FLIP Side, and enjoys working with children of all ages.

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