Ways to Outwit Unpredictable Weather

Happy Friday, RISERS! I hope this week has been good to you. Well, that groundhog didn’t see what he needed to see for spring to come early. I guess we are stuck with cold weather for at least six more weeks. I hope you have a great weekend; this is the first one of February 2023! Stay warm and dry.

Quote of the week: “Success can be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” –Booker T. Washington

Movie of the week: Since I mentioned the whole groundhog thing, this would be a great time to suggest the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. It’s a story about a grumpy TV weatherman, upset that for the fourth year in a row, he must report on whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow. He feels it is beneath him to do such a story. Then, he gets into the situation of living the same day over again and again. I know it is fiction, but I don’t know how I would handle living the same day over repeatedly!

Joke of the week: What do you call Punxsutawney Phil’s laundry? Hogwash

Organizational Tip of the week: With the weather being a bit unpredictable at this time of year, be sure to dress appropriately, with layers that you can shed as necessary. My son, Jacob, must check the weather radar every night to know what type of clothes he needs to wear the following day. On several recent occasions, he has been the only one in our family properly dressed relative to the temperature. Whenever it’s cold, be sure to carry a jacket or coat with you in case your vehicle breaks down. My mom always carried a light sweater with her for such emergencies, and some people keep a blanket or two in the trunk beside the first-aid kit. Another way to keep yourself at a moderate temperature is by drinking water to cool off or coffee/hot chocolate/tea to warm you up.

Shout-Out of the week: This week I want to give a shout-out to the people out there who must make difficult decisions about whether or not to call off school. In Knoxville, one of the best phone calls begins, “In the abundance of caution….,”and then we get out of school, for whatever reason. It might be a utilities crisis, or widespread sickness, or freezing roads, or tons of rain. Tennessee has a vast difference in landscape, so where one part of the state has snow, another part may have rain. Anyway, thank you for doing your best to keep the students and teachers safe from illness or severe weather.

Have a great weekend. Remember, you are most awesome, and YOU ROCK!

Marion Rhines is a foster-turned-adoptive parent. She lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with her husband and five children. She has written and published two children’s books as well as two foster-care-themed novels. She has a Facebook blog, Tips from the FLIP Side, and enjoys working with children of all ages.

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