Tips for Navigating an Adventurous Life

Happy Friday, RISERS! I hope this week has been good to you. Wow! We are already one week into the new year. I hope you are excited about all of the possibilities this new year can bring.

Quote of the week: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” –Henry Ford

Book of the week: A couple of years ago, I was on a trip to Houston, Texas. While in the airport, I grabbed a book titled The 24-Hour Turn-Around: Change Your Life One Hour at a Time, by Jim Hartness and Neil Eskelin. The title intrigued me. Inside this book are little segments on different areas that you may want to make better in your life. While one book doesn’t have all the answers, it has been helpful to me in resetting some of my thought processes. It covers topics such as recognizing time wasters, organizing your day to be the most productive, and determining your value. Use it discerningly, and I think it could help you as you navigate this crazy adventure called life.

Joke of the week: What’s a New Year’s resolution? Something that goes in one year and out the other.

Nugget of Wisdom for the week: This week I want to introduce the topic of our featured podcast. Click here to watch “3 Steps to Get What You Want” from adoptee advocate Simon Benn. In this day and age, we are all impatient…we want everything now. And because of that, oodles of advertisements are thrown at us from all directions, claiming to have the answers. Anything worth having in life comes from hard work and is not handed over easily, without any sacrifice on our part. So, whatever you are working toward, I wish you much luck and hope the journey brings you satisfaction.

Have a great week. Remember, you are most awesome and YOU ROCK!

Marion Rhines is a foster-turned-adoptive parent. She lives in Knoxville, Tenn., with her husband and five children. She has written and published two children’s books as well as two foster-care-themed novels. She has a Facebook blog, Tips from the FLIP Side, and enjoys working with children of all ages.

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