Sandy Pricer

Sandy and her husband, Joe, are foster adoptive parents. So along with their three bios, they are parents to 6 spunky, fun-loving, kind-hearted and faith-filled children. Sandy is also a homeschooling mother, encourager of self-growth, an entrepreneur, and lover of her faith and Catholic sacramentals. She can normally be found leading something, starting something or hosting something. Netflix and wine are her favorite ways to unwind.

Into the Depths

The moment we told that someone to place our home study on these children, we knew we would be delving into the depths of the sea with them, because giving up on them was not an option.

Happy New Year!

As we look forward to the year ahead, I wanted to take a moment to share with you an end of year review of what RISE UP cooperative has accomplished since we began in August of 2020: