Happy New Year!

As we look forward to the year ahead, I wanted to take a moment to share with you an end of year review of what RISE UP cooperative has accomplished since we began in August of 2020: 

  • We have officially (IRS letter in hand!) become a nonprofit!
  • We have offered a total of 15 virtual workshops and have reached dozens of teens through these online meetings. Many different volunteers from the community stepped up to lead each workshop. 
  • We have a strong board of directors, amazing mentors, and dedicated volunteers. 
  • We are fostering relationships with over a dozen local agencies that work with teens and at risk youth and share a similar passion/mission. 
  • We are hard at work establishing an outdoor adventure incentive program for participants by reaching out to places like Lookout Conservatory and Outdoor Chattanooga to make it possible. 
  • A blog is being started to share stories, educate, and promote RISE UP. If you’re interested in submitting something to share, we would love your input!
  • I have found a TBRI trainer and we have been offering monthly training to volunteers and will begin parent workshops soon (things like how to keep your teen safe online etc.) 

We are looking forward to being in person for our workshops this coming year at some point- but will continue virtual indefinitely. 
Thank you for your encouragement, support, work and confidence!!

Sandy Pricer, President and co-founder