What we do

We equip teens and at-risk youth

What We Do


— We Educate

Through our Virtual and In-person life and leadership workshops, our volunteer team are equiping teens and at-risk youth to have better tomorrows by empowering them with knowledge. 


— We Support

With providing life and leadership skills to teens and at-risk youth, we are working to fill in service gaps, working towards no child becoming a statistic. 


— We Strengthen

By offering Parent and Teen workshops, we are able to strengthen the family unit and encourage growth and success. 


— We Guide

We work to foster responsibility, independence, success, empowerment, and an upstanding and productive mindset.


— We Empower

Empowering others to work for their success and to walk with them in their journey, can be very effective in their long-term success. 


— We Build

Communities. Relationships. Futures. 

What We Care About!

team, friendship, group
Bringing Dreams within Reach for Youth
Boys and Girls Rising up to Greatness
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